APM Ixiamas

WCS activities in the Ixiamas protected area began in 2000 with a study on white-lipped peccary abundance. In the following years research wason wildlife diversity (mammals, birds, bats, amphibians and reptiles) and studies on the abundance of jaguars, giant otters and spider monkeys. This scientific information constituted the technical basis for the creation of the Ixiamas Municipal Protected Area.

As part of the activities of the cooperation agreement with the Municipal Government of Ixiamas, WCS collaborated in developing the management plan and zoning proposal of the area, identifying priority conservation areas and actions for the development of ecotourism and environmental education.

The Ixiamas Municipal Government also received technical support in strengthening its Municipal Tourism Unit, through the formulation of a Strategic Plan for Tourism Development of Ixiamas Municipality, aimed at encouraging economic development in the region and improving the livelihoods of its population.