Marka Cololo

The Marka Cololo Copacabana Antaquilla is located in the Municipality of Pelechuco, towards the northwest of Franz Tamayo Province in the Department of La Paz, over an estimated area of 40,000 ha. It is located entirely within the Apoloba National Natural Area of Integrated Management, one of the main protected areas of Bolivia.

The territory of the Marka is characterized by the presence of snow-capped peaks, glaciers, meadows and valleys, dominated by natural prairies, grasslands and scrubland. Here we find numerous lakes and wetlands, which are a food source for wildlife and domestic camelids. It also contributes to the conservation of keñua forests and Andean fauna, such as vicuñas, Andean deer, foxes, Andean cats, Andean condors, Andean geese and flamingos.

The ayllus of Marka Cololo Copacabana Antaquilla identify themselves as belonging to the Puquina Colla Indigenous Nation, with strong Kallawaya, Quechua and Aymara cultural influences. They retain many of their ancient traditions, performing rituals and ceremonial practices, the traditional management of camelids and commercial trade with the inter-Andean valleys. Their organization is structured in three levels: the Marka, four Sullka Llaxtas and Sullka Markas, and eight ayllus: Agua Blanca A, Agua Blanca B, Antaquilla, Nubepampa, Cololo, Katantika, High Puyo Puyo and Low Puyo Puyo. Currently the population of the Marka is 1,335 inhabitants, comprising 274 families.